Breakfast Smoothie “Ice Cream”


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I’ll admit it – I have a sweet tooth.

A big one.

If I could have a big bowl of ice cream for every meal – and not worry about weight/health/ etc. – I totally would. I would load my tri-daily bowl up with lots of chocolate, toppings, whip cream and dig right in.

With a smile.

A big smile.

However, there is that whole issue of weight and health and that pesky thing I’m trying to learn called ‘moderation’. Dratz. My sweet tooth doesn’t like moderation. In fact, it hates it. When I give it its daily moderate allowance of sweet it spits it right back out and throws a tantrum worse than a 5 year old who isn’t getting his/her way. “More sweets, Mommy!” More sweets noooowwwww!”

This is why I love breakfast. It’s the one meal where I can completely indulge my sweet tooth and still be figure-friendly, somewhat healthy, and follow the guidelines of moderation.

God bless you cereal. And yogurt. And smoothies. And overnight oats. Oh, and peanut butter! We can’t forget peanut butter! All in moderation – of course.


Most of my breakfasts are heavy on the fresh fruit (the best sweets nature has to offer), heavy on the plain yogurt, medium on the cereal (Uncle Sam’s Strawberry is a favorite of mine), and just a touch of peanut butter to bring it all together.

For those mornings my sweet tooth is really screaming, I give in with a bowl of ice cream.

And by ice cream I mean a smoothie in a bowl topped with some cereal and eaten with a spoon. ;)

Breakfast Smoothie "Ice Cream"


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