What Gluten Free Means to Me


As I write this post I’m about half way through my Gluten Free Month Challenge. Last month I explained the reasons I was embarking on this challenge. Now I thought I’d check in and share some things I’ve learned, some challenges I’ve encountered and what Gluten Free has come to mean to me.

1. Gluten free is possible (and can be tasty), but it requires a lot of label reading. Gluten in obvious things like bread and no cereals has been easy to avoid, but it’s also in sneaky things like some soy sausages, ketchup and even gum!\

2. I did have one major slip. My wedding tasting was smack in the middle of Gluten Free Month and I just couldn’t deny myself the pleasures of tasting my wedding food! On the other hand, it was good to find out the caterer often does gluten free weddings and provides glut en free options if needed. Obviosuly, I don’t have a gluten allergy, but it was nice to know that if I did, gluten free food would have been available.

3. Eating out was not as tough as I thought it would be there are lots of websites devoted to listing foods that are gluten free.

4. After a week or so, the hardest part was not finding gluten free options, but rather remembering I was avoiding it! One day I planned my whole day around getting pizza. It took several hours for me to realize this wasn’t an option. Sadly, this particular pizza place does not have gluten free dough.

5. Lots of everyday foods are naturally gluten free. Some of my favorite things like bananas, yogurt, hummus and salad are gluten free … without even trying.

6. It would be a lot easier if all food companies clearly labeled their foods as gluten free, even if it seems obvious.

7. Excellent news – most frozen yogurt and ice cream is gluten free.

8. I really appreciate not having serious food allergies. While it’s been pretty simple for me to do this, I completely acknowledge not having the fear of getting seriously sick if I eat something containing trace amounts of gluten.

9. I do feel better and have noticed less belly aches. I’m still not sure if it’s the lack of gluten, or my reduced consumption of processed foods.

10. Gluten free people really stick together! I’ve recieved tons of support and tips from fellow gluten free bloggers and tweeters. It’s been wonderful!

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