What Gluten-Free Means to Me: a Poem



In honor of National Celiac Awareness Month, this month’s Attune Foods theme is “What does gluten-free mean to me?” For four years I have written articles about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity on my blog. I have told my story and I have shared my emotions. And somehow I still have something to say!

Inspired by my 1st grader’s homework assignment, I thought I’d take a different approach by writing an acrostic poem (yeah, new word for me too!) about what being gluten-free means to me:


To me, Gluten-Free means…


Getting my life back after years of fatigue, anemia, stomach aches, asthma and more

Living without the foods that made me ill and sometimes missing them, but mostly not

Understanding my body better and realizing that all symptoms do have causes

Trying to always stay positive and focus on what I have rather than what I don’t

Eating healthy and delicious food and appreciating it

Networking with inspiring people to share ideas, support and friendship because of the common condition that we have


Feeling lucky that I found out what was causing my ill health when so many others are still suffering without a clue

Raising awareness about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity so that people can resolve their own health issues

Educating others about living a happy and fulfilling gluten-free life

Enjoying the journey that my diagnosis has taken me on – it has given me a purpose, a passion and a voice


What does being gluten-free mean to you?

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