Oat-Free Crispy Maple Granola for My Gluten-Free Friends


Oat-Free Crispy Maple Granola

My first real exposure to the concept of gluten-free was over five years ago when several gluten-free / dairy-free mix companies (think muffins, cakes, and cookies) contacted me to review their products. Always up for something new, I agreed, but kept my expectations low. Surprisingly (at least to me), I loved the baked goods that emerged from these mixes. They weren’t identical in taste and texture to their gluten counterparts, but rather had their own delightful characteristics.

Fortunately, I’ve learned to look at food and recipes like people. We each have our own qualities that make us unique. My sister and I look similar, but expecting her to be exactly like me … well that’s just plain silly. She has her own set of positive attributes … they don’t make her better or worse than me, just different.

Since those earlier years of exposure to “alternative” foods, I have never expected a dairy-free milk to taste just like cow’s milk, or a gluten-free roll to taste just like a wheat roll. Rather, I delete my expectations, and enjoy tasting whatever it is that food has to offer. And quite frankly, this attitude has not only opened my palate to a whole new range of foods, it has also opened my world to a wonderful new community.

The gluten-free community contains many sub-categories of people: Celiacs, gluten intolerant, wheat allergic, loved ones of the aforementioned, health enthusiasts, and low carb consumers. Honestly, I’m not sure where I fall in this mix, but I love creating gluten-free recipes for my friends who are gluten-free and for my own taste adventures. I’m not strictly gluten-free, but if you peek inside of my cupboard, you will see a host of flours and starches … brown rice, tapioca, potato, garbanzo, coconut, almond, etc. For me, they are there by choice.

To note, I don’t directly bake for any of my gluten-free friends who are gluten-free due to a medical necessity, as my kitchen obviously has some wheat cross-contamination. So rather than give them cookies and muffins from my kitchen, I come up with gluten-free recipes and share them.

I’ve learned so much about gluten cross-contamination issues from my friends this past year, and how extremely sensitive some can be. Did you know that many with Celiac Disease have to avoid oats altogether? I know what you are thinking, “But, there are certified gluten-free oats!” For many, this certification simply isn’t good enough, and oats can still be problematic, labeled as gluten-free or not.

It got me thinking, what about granola? Sure, there are some grain-free (and consequently gluten-free) granolas out there, but those nut-rich concoctions can get a bit heavy. Quinoa flakes perhaps, but that isn’t a road I’m ready to travel. So I turned to those gluten-free friends, and one of them, Melissa of Gluten Free For Good, shared her oat-free granola recipe with me.

I had to alter Melissa’s recipe based on what I currently had in my kitchen, but it still turned out delicious! Recipes like this one are very flexible, so feel free to adjust the ingredients to your own preferences and check out the options I have listed at the end of the recipe for some ideas …




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