A gradual process of healthifying


For some people, there’s a specific “a-ha” moment or big event that causes them to get healthy and stay that way. This might be a particular doctor’s visit, a really bad day, or a comment from a friend. But for others – myself included – the road to health is more gradual.

road to healthy aha moment

For me, learning to make healthy changes began with learning how to cook and how to be prepared. When I first graduated from college, I was exercising a good amount and eating somewhat healthfully, but had no idea how to cook anything that wasn’t super simple. For dinner, I often relied on frozen meals or dinners out, and while I packed lunch for work, I never packed enough and would often find myself hitting the office chocolate dish or vending machines hard in the afternoon. If I did pack a snack, it was often something packaged and processed that left me unsatisfied.

Slowly, I started reading food blogs and cookbooks, picking up tips, and being more adventurous in the kitchen. I lived in Prague from 2008-2009 teaching English, and that was when I really started getting into cooking for myself. I wasn’t a big fan of the restaurants there, so that really motivated me. I learned how to put together delicious, but very simple (and quick) meals, and since I couldn’t understand any of the Czech food labels at the store, I was mostly limited to fresh, whole foods!


I was surprised to find that not only was cooking easier than I’d thought, but it was fun, too. I especially grew to love  challenging myself to “healthify” typically calorie or fat-laden recipes, like muffins or chicken fingers. As I got more into cooking and healthy eating, I started having friends ask for my recipes – and thus, fANNEtastic food was born! I grew to love food and nutrition so much that I went back to school for my Masters of Public Health in Nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian! I never could have predicted where my life would take me – but I know I’m healthier (and happier) than ever.


Did you have a specific “a-ha” moment that motivated you to make healthy changes? Or was it more gradual, like with me?


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