Things that matter more than your appearance


I just spent an hour staring at my computer and the phrase “What Matters Most is What’s Inside,” trying to think of all the different directions I could take this post in.

Do I talk about nutrition, and how it matters most what food we put inside our bodies? Do I talk about loving yourself and how true beauty should come from within? Or maybe how being beautiful really just means being happy and sharing that happiness with others?

what matters most

I finally decided to keep it short and sweet.

Things that matter more than your appearance:
-Being kind
-Holding someone’s hand while they cry
-Learning to listen
-Making someone else smile
-Being humble
-Doing something that you know will make someone else’s day
-Being generous
-Knowing when to say you’re sorry

These are a nice reminder for me, too. It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget that what really matters most is not your jean size, but what lives within you; how you treat others. As it has been said before, someone might not remember everything you say or do, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. Make sure it’s joy 🙂

what matters most

How do you interpret the phrase “What Matters Most is What’s Inside”?

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