How food bloggers roll


1. There is value in building community online.

Like you, many people are turning online to find other people interested in the same things. There are communities such as Tasty Kitchen, where everyday folks can upload their recipes and find new ones. Serious Eats is a forum of many foodies discussing everything from restaurants to questions about how to use ingredients in their own cooking. There are numerous ways to get involved online and make your voice heard.

2. Everyone has a story.

What makes each of us unique are the details of our lives that give them texture. A great take-away from BlogherFood was the desire on the part of the readers to hear more stories. You’re interested in the nitty gritty of what makes people tick and we’re interested in what makes you tick. See our American Original contest for more on that.

3. If you’ve got a food allergy, you’re not alone.

A gaggle of bloggers attending the conference focus on food allergies in their blogs and write about everything from being gluten free to being dairy free. One attendee and friend ate from the gluten free food bar at lunch because he thought the food over there looked better than the main line. Alisa from Go Dairy Free has a large contingency online of people who either have dairy allergies or have found they feel better when they don’t eat dairy. Her blog is both a resource and a watering hole where people can learn about how good life can be going dairy free. Shauna from Gluten Free Girl has been blogging her story, from being diagnosed with celiac disease to sharing stories of living gluten free with her family and posting awesome gluten free recipes. If you’ve got a food allergy, there are some incredible opportunities online to find resources and tips from people with that same allergy.

4. Follow the light.

One of the reasons you may find yourself drawn to reading blogs is all the great food photos that make your mouth water. You may think like I did, that most of them are photographed in the kitchen, but as several photographers suggested over the course of the conference, follow the light. This may mean photographing food in the living room if the sunlight is most prominent there. Or perhaps it’s the bedroom. Anything for yummy food photos, right?

5. Recipes are the currency in this new economy.

What’s for dinner or lunch or snack brings many people online, clicking through search engines or blogs to find tantalizing recipes. This highlights the creativity of bloggers and even the desire to pass down cultural traditions. It also shows the vast community that can form around what’s good and going into your tummy.

So what’s next for you, reader? Do you have a food blog and if so, please leave your URL in the comments section along with what makes you stand out from the pack. If you’re a reader of blogs but not a writer, perhaps consider giving it a whirl and trying blogging yourself. You might find the exercise fun and the conversation just beginning!

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