Striving for Balance


Deb Joyce

by Deb @ attune

Balance for me is about balanced nutrition and exercise, balanced time between work and life.

Balanced nutrition for me is about that right mix of water, protein, veggies, fiber, probiotics that make my body feel good.   My best friend is a nutritionist and we often talk about the nutritionist “happy dance” when after eating well, we “splurge” on food or don’t eat right and realize how terrible the energy in our body feels when we don’t eat in a balanced way.  The energy level I feel when I’ve taken care of feeding my body in balance is completely different than when I’ve fed it out of in balance.

Balanced exercise for me arrives in many shapes and forms.  I usually run a few miles a few times a week.  This helps me get some fresh air, deep breathing and a good cardio work out.  Most mornings I start with a short meditation session focused on my balanced breathing.  The power of the breath is truly amazing.  Weekend workouts are about digging in the dirt with planting, weeding, raking and grass mowing.  I just love to be outside even if it means pulling a few weeds.  In the winter months, my outside work is usually constrained to shoveling that white stuff which will remain unnamed given the summer season.  The other fun exercise I enjoy is scuba diving which we do in the summer just a mile from home and in the winter anywhere warm we can find.  In the underwater world, all you hear is your own breathing and the views are spectacular.  It is so important to keep your buoyancy and that’s how I practice balance down under.

The balance between work and life is one that I find needs the most attention mainly because I enjoy what I do and somewhat because of my workaholic tendencies.  My best defense is planning and preparation on the work side and saying “yes” to me on the life side.  “Yes” to me might look like a late start on Monday to offset a late Wednesday night flight home as was the case this week.  Another part of work life balance is making sure the life part is something to look forward to and for me that’s easy because it’s time with family and friends.  I’m so fortunate to have a healthy family that enjoys each others’ company and fortunate to have some many close, warm and wondering friends.  My family and friends, rise to support each other in hard times and to celebrate with each other in good times.  The best part, however, is the in between times and those are the everyday average days for which I’m grateful for the ordinary.  That keeps me in balance.