Running to eat, eating to run


I love to eat.  Fortunately I also love to exercise and I am never sure which one drives the other.  At the end of the day when I have done both well that is certainly when I feel my best.

It must be the process of refueling that provides the physical “ahhhhhh” moment that only comes after depleting energy through exercise.  Much like the Chevron gas advertisements when the happy cars get their special “techtroline”, I feel happy when I come back from a run or ride, thirsty and drained and fill up with something that I know is good for me.  In the morning it might be a bowl of Uncle Sam, or a stack of pancakes (I love making them from scratch on the weekends) a great cup of coffee, a glass of OJ and the morning paper.  On a day with no time, a glass of chocolate milk might be the best way to refuel (beats out most sport drinks for recovery)!

Chances are the rest of the day will be more difficult to control, but I can still think back to things I did well earlier that morning, to power me from the inside out.  That third cup of coffee or the burrito at lunch certainly don’t get me to the top of the health pyramid but hopefully by the time I am cooking dinner for the family I can return to some healthy principals.  Fresh ingredients, herbs from the garden, and I am back on track to fueling a run the next day.  Oh yeah, don’t forget the ice cream – my weakness for Haagen-Dasz coffee or a trip to Three Twins will certainly keep me motivated!

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