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Many have mistaken Ryan Sullivan’s weight loss blog NoMoreBacon.com for an anti-pork campaign. It’s quite the contrary. His blog tells the story of his 140 pound weight loss and painful breakup with salty-cured meats in order to live a healthier life. After tipping the scales at 400 pounds, he knew it was time for his poor eating habits and lack of activity to change for good. What started as an accountability journal quickly became a stepping stone into radio and television appearances as well as a weekly spot writing for On Fitness, the health and fitness blog at USNews.

When he’s not blogging about fitness and healthy living you’ll probably find him SCUBA diving or screaming from the stands at  a Utah Jazz game. He tweets but following him is not recommended if you have a low tolerance for poorly executed jokes or Justin Bieber.

Maintaining a high fiber diet is hard enough during the first eleven months of the year, let alone in December when sugary, fiber-wimpy temptations are within arms reach at any given moment.With that in mind, I decided to put together a few tips to help all of us maintain, or even increase our fiber intake during the holiday season.1. Focus on Fruit - Fruit desserts are a popular choice in any crowd. Not only are they light and delicious, when presented in their natural form they…

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