Ricki Heller


After more than a dozen years cooking without gluten, eggs, dairy or refined sugars, Ricki has learned to create almost any recipe in an allergy-friendly version that tastes great. A lifelong dessert lover, she lives by the motto, “whatever your favorite dessert, I can make it allergy-friendly!”

Using only whole foods ingredients, a generous pinch of humor and input from her two chatty canines, Ricki has posted over 700 healthy, whole foods recipes (both sweet and savory) on her blog, Diet, Dessert and Dogs. She is also the author of the bestselling cookbook, Sweet Freedom, one of only three cookbooks recommended by Ellen DeGeneres on her website. As an Associate Editor for Simply Gluten-Free Magazine, Ricki creates fabulous vegan and gluten-free recipes; she has also written for Clean Eating magazine, Living Without, VegNews and many other publications.

Ricki’s second cookbook offering gluten-free, vegan, lower glycemic desserts, will be published in fall of 2013.

You can also find Ricki on Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest.

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