Michelle Madden


Michelle writes the award nominated food blog, The Sweet Beet. Her expertise is both as an Internet business development expert as well as a nutrition expert and extraordinary cook.

Michelle began her career with the founding of Salzinger&Company – a boutique media-strategy firm, helping large media companies forge online marketing and distribution deals. She then did individual advisory work for several Internet start-ups including The Huffington Post. She was later CEO of GreenYour.com, a green lifestyle website which was sold in 2011. She launched The Sweet Beet, to bring together the growing cultural passion for food and cooking, along with a burgeoning and widespread desire to incorporate healthy eating into a lifestyle centered around wellness.

She has an MBA from Harvard University, and a B.Comm (Economics) from Queen’s University (Canada).

I knew during the whole sinful indulgence, that I was doing something wrong but desires are powerful and restraint exhausting. I had been so loyal for so long and I was starting to feel like I actually deserved to be bad. It was all over within a couple exhilarating hours but I awoke the next morning knowing that Id paid for that delicious night.It was Saturday. I was tired. I was at the grocery store and every cell in my body was begging for sugar and fat. I considered dried mango,…

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