Joanna Sutter


Joanna Sutter is a marketing strategist, publicist, healthy-living writer and the creator of the popular website Fitness & Spice... where fitness, food and fashion get a healthy (and amusing!) shake. Not your average Jo (anna), she is also a fitness enthusiast (known for giving your funnybone a workout) who shares healthy-living tips, tricks and ideas that make life in the kitchen, the gym and the roller-coaster of life even more entertaining.

I recently saw an anatomy chart while I was waiting in an examination room of my doctors office. You know the kind? The kind that showcases all of your inner most parts from your muscles, to your digestive track, to your organs, and on and on and on?As I sat there waiting for my appointment I began tracing the muscles in the anatomy chart over and over again with my eyes. I was mesmerized. It was at that moment that I really, really stopped to appreciate how every muscle in the body is…

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