Diane Carbonell


Diane Carbonell is a wife, mother to seven children and used to weigh 305 pounds. Her extraordinary weight loss of 150 pounds inspired her upcoming book, 150 Pounds Gone Forever, gave her the opportunity to appear on the Dr. Oz television show and be featured in Shape and Woman’s World magazines. She shares her weight loss experience and offers encouragement to readers of her popular blog, Fit to the Finish. In addition to writing and homeschooling her children, Diane speaks to groups about weight loss, provides individual weight loss coaching and occasionally gives radio interviews.

Christmas of 1996 was a good time for our family and a challenging time for me. We had two wonderful children, family and friends that supported us, and my husband had a job he loved. That was the good part. The not-so-good part was that I was always tired, often cranky, and found it hard to keep up with my kids because of my morbid obesity.Fortunately, that was the last Christmas I would be morbidly obese because soon after that Christmas I went on a healthy weight loss plan and lost…

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