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Andrew Wilder has loved real food long before the term “foodie” even existed, and recently decided to make healthful living and eating a primary focus in his life. In early 2009 he had his “ah-ha!” moment, and started eating better and exercising regularly. It instantly started changing his life for the better, and he wouldn’t shut up about it.

Following his passion, he left a career in lighting design and started Eating Rules to help others find the same joy in healthful food. In October 2011 he led more than 3,000 people in October Unprocessed, all pledging to eat no processed foods whatsoever for the month. In addition to the blog, he's working on several food-related projects, including bringing healthier food to a popular Boy Scout Camp on Catalina Island. Andrew is a huge fan of whole grains, and is thrilled to be coming on board as an Attune Foods Brand Ambassador!

In preparation for this month's post, I've been mulling whether the words "moderation" and "balance" can go together when it comes to healthy eating. This is a timely question, considering tonight is the last of the holiday gauntlet (Happy New Year!), and I'm betting most of us haven't been as successful as we'd like at either moderation or balance over the past few weeks.But before we try to pair these two concepts, I want to take a moment to express my dismay at the word "moderation." It…

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