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Alison St. Sure has lived gluten-free since her diagnosis of celiac disease in 2002 after a lifetime of symptoms. She had just figured out the gluten-free thing when her first baby was diagnosed with severe food allergies. Now Alison adapts her family's food to be not only gluten-free, but also dairy, soy, egg and nut-free. Label-reading led her to become aware of how food has become overly processed and she strives to feed her family 'real food' as much as possible. You won't ever find soda in her house! Of course, she does splurge sometimes, which usually means some form of dark chocolate.

Alison created a gluten-free online store and education site in 2005 before starting her blog Sure Foods Living. Alison teaches Living Gluten-Free classes at CPMC in San Francisco, wrote a continuing education course for chefs on accommodating the gluten-free diner, co-founded and leads the Gluten Intolerance Group of Marin, and does consulting for both individuals and businesses in the food industry. She also volunteered to create a Food Allergy Awareness program for her daughter's school district in her spare time!

Prior to her gluten-free life, Alison taught high school social studies, coached volleyball and worked at startup tech companies. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two young daughters.

 Visit her site, Sure Foods Living or follow her on Twitter @surefoodsliving.

The holidays can be challenging for people with food sensitivities. There are tempting treats all around, holiday cookie exchanges, and lots of social events. Gluten and dairy seem to be lurking everywhere! If you know someone who needs to be gluten and/or dairy-free this holiday season, surprise them with a treat they can eat! Once they get over the shock of your thoughtfulness, they will simply delight in the yumminess of your creation. (Or, make them for yourself you deserve it!)To…

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