New Morning Stories

Submitted by Charlene Kreider
Your organic graham crackers are AWESOME, proving that you don't have to add artificial ingredients in order for things to stay fresh and taste great! Charlene Kreider
Having fun with graham crackers again
Submitted by Marie Pavish
We hadn't even thought of graham crackers for years when we recently came upon boxes of New Morning Organic Honey Grahams at our local food co-op. Reading the nutritional information on the box, we gave ourselves permission to have fun with graham crackers again. Your crackers are so good! Much better than the old ones we grew up with. They taste great and also have such a satisfying, light crunch. We have enjoyed them with milk/rice milk, with hot tea, spread with fruit-based chocolate sauce, and straight out of the box. Thanks for a flavorful, light snack made with organic ingredients. There is sugar included in the product, so we are just careful not to have too many. They are our current "luxury food".
Submitted by Katherine
These are really good! They taste the same as the "unhealthy" brands and are low in calories and fat if you just eat one or two. :)
Submitted by Michelle
I have always loved graham crackers, they are addictive and I find that if they are in my pantry they will be consumed (quickly!). When I first tried the New Morning grahams, I was excited by how delicious they were. They taste great in all sorts of concoctions, I like to crumble them into yogurt or slather peanut butter on top. Heck, I eat them plain because they are a healthy snack option. Just don't get caught pouring the crumbs out of the bag into your mouth, now that is embarrassing (not that I would know...).
Super impressed
Submitted by Jodie Snader
Hi there,Just wanted to say how super impressed I am after trying your New Morning Honey Graham Crackers. We will use them all the time in the future. Especially for our smores :) Thanks a bunch Jodie
Thanks for your products
Submitted by Janet Rozell
I am 71 yrs old - I grew up eating graham crackers. When I saw the words high fructose corn syrup on the label I never bought them again. So, searching the whole aisle last week, I find New Mornings Organic Honey Grahams hiding away - not with the other crackers but I found them!! I am so happy! My grandmother always would put some icing from a cake she was making on graham crackers & make little sandwiches. I made these for treats for my children too. I will now be making them again!! I had also been searching for raisin bran cereal without all the whatever they are putting in cereal these days. I have now found your brand of products, so, if my small store does not have what I want, can buy up when I go into the city. I do remember the Uncle Sam(?) product from the past. Plan to talk to my grandaughter about your products as she has gone gluten free and organic (she may already be aware of your products) Also will be talking to my store manager about your products. The crackers were on on the highest shelf. Thanks for organic products and not putting high fructose corn syrup in your product!!
We love New Morning
Submitted by Clairissa M.
THANK YOU for providing graham crackers to families who do not wish to consume artificial ingredients and preservatives!!!! We love New Morning products.

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