Erewhon Organic Cereals Stories

5 stars all the way
Submitted by Melissa Maloney
great products. 5 stars all the way!
Aloha from Hawaii
Submitted by Gene V.
I wanted to add a comment,but it wouldnt let me submit. I just found your crispy brown rice cereal w/ mixed berrys @ longs drugs in kauai hawai'i.I'm not much of a breakfast person,but this cereal motivates me every mouning to start my day right. Im a very picky eater and once i find something that tastes great AND good for you,I'm in for life.My only complaint is,Can you add more fruit too it? LOL.

Aloha From Hawai'i
Amanda Mason
Submitted by Amanda Mason
I've been a big fan of Erewhon crispy rice and rice twice cereal since I found out I'm gluten and corn intolerant. These were new and I was interested in trying something different since rice can get dull. These are not sweet at all. They'd make great GF bread crumbs, but I think they'd be a great cracker. As cereal, they are fine with raisins. I just needed a lot of raisins since I prefer sweet to savory for breakfast.
Best Raisin Bran ever
Submitted by Shawn Hyder
Orignally had been purchasing Uncle Sam cereal for over 15 yrs and Skinner's Raisin Bran then decided to try the Erewhon brand about 9 yrs ago and stopped buying the latter cereals since they're not organic. My favorites are Corn Flakes, Orig. Crispy Brown Rice, the best Raisin Bran ever and the now discontinued Aztec Crunchy Corn & Amaranth. I searched all over trying to find Aztec but it unfortunately has vaporized. You and Arrowhead Mills are the only two brands I purchase as both are quality products, taste great, organic, not loaded w/sugar, go very well together and compliment the Meyenberg Goat Milk to make for a rewarding breakfast or lunch.
Big fans
Submitted by Ruby Hughes
we are big fans of your Rice. We buy four or five boxes at a time and just wanted to say thanks. Mrs. Hughes
Camper at Camp Celiac
Cocoa Crispy fans
Submitted by Kathleen Redmond
My kids and I love your Cocoa Crispy cereal. I was thrilled to have your product added at our North Aurora, IL Woodmans grocery store. Thanks!
Cocoa Crispy Love
Submitted by Heather Vetter
I wanted to send you a note to let you know how delicious the Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice Cereal is! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in April and have since been searching for a great cereal that doesn't taste "gluten free"- this is it! I love it. I will be trying other Erewhon products as well- thanks again!
Submitted by Crystal Lopez
I bought your Crispy Brown Rice Cereal for Peanut butter Rice Crispy Treats and they were delicious. I combined the recipe on your cereal box and another I found on the internet. My rice crispy treats were so deeelicious!! I am not really familiar with your other products, but love eating healthy and living a positive lifestyle. If your other products are as tasty as your Rice Cereal than why wouldn't I want to continue to eat healthy!!! I have bought products in the past that have deceived me in thinking they were healthy, but when I read your ingredients in your cereal label I felt as though your company is in my best interest. Thank You!!
Submitted by Nicole Bubolo
I'll admit, I started with your products to make crisped rice treats -- but I have branched out since. But your mixed berry cereal does make delicious snack treats! I would like to share your products at our gluten free events, (the next one is January 30th).
Eating it for years
Submitted by Jeffrey Lovejoy
This is the best. I have been eating it for years and everyone I turn on to it can't believe they had never seen/heard of it. I think many more would buy this and spread the good news if they just knew about it. I will continue to do my part not only to eat it and find new ways to enjoy it but to turn as many on to it as I can.
From a fan
Submitted by Eleanor G.
Hello Folks at Erewhon Thank you for making available an organic cereal that contains no wheat. I've purchased the Crispy Brown Rice Cereal and like it.
I absolutely love it
Submitted by Mary Sharp
I've tried your cereal before and liked it but, I just tried the new one with mixed berries and absolutely love it! Thanks for making great products that those of us with food allergies can rely on and more importantly enjoy.
I grew up eating your cereal
Submitted by Tina Johnson
Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much my family enjoys your cereals. I grew up eating your cereal and now that I have my own children, it is nice to see how many more varieties you have. I can feel good about my children eating a cereal that is good for them and they are happy because it actually tastes good! Thank you for making such tasty products!
I have every type of your cereal in my cabinet
Submitted by Lesa Oldham
My daughter and I love your cereal! It tastes good but also fills you up and provides so many of your daily vitamins. I have recommended to many others, especially in my family. Lately, I have not been able to find the Mixed Berry in my local grocery stores. Are you still making it? I have every type of your cereal in my cabinet right now, but Mixed Berry is my favorite.
I LOVE them all
Submitted by Yvonne Cruz
Thank you , thank you , thank you , for your gluten free cereals. I LOVE them all ,especially the Stawberry Crisps. Did I say thank you?!?!
Karen K
Submitted by Karen K
Oh Joy! This beautiful, clean cereal is 100% integrity. It has organic ingredients, no cane sugar, and is gluten-free. It hummmmms when you eat it. I actually bought is as a joke, 'look at this hippie cereal, honey', it just cracked me up a Whole Foods, Buckwheat-Hemp.... but one taste and I was hooked. Don't ever change the recipe and goodness-gracious, don't ever stop baking it either. Thank You Attune folks, this is a wonderful food! Sending Love, Karen
Keep up the good work
Submitted by Melissa Weiss
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are! Keep up the good work!
Love your cereal
Submitted by Frances Basonic
Love your cereal---we are addicted!
My daughter loves it
Submitted by Kelly Driggers
my daughter loves this cereal
My daughter loves your cereal
Submitted by Lorraine Giambrone
Hello, My daughter who is 6yrs old was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She loved eating cereal for breakfast, like most kids her age do. But now because of her illness we needed to find an alternative. She has tried many brands of Gluten Free cereal and said most of them were icky or tasted horrible. Then we found your Strawberry Crisp and your Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice at our local health food store. She LOVES them!!! Every morning I ask her what she would like for breakfast and she always wants one of these cereals.. sometimes she even mixes them together!!
My family and I enjoy your products
Submitted by Suzan Chiang
Hi, my family and I have enjoyed your products for many years and my son loves your rice cereal. He eats it practically every day and enjoy it as a snack as well.
My family enjoys your gluten-free products
Submitted by Amy Conroy
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my family enjoys your gluten free products. We love your gluten free rice cereal for morning breakfasts and rice krispy treats!
My son loves it
Submitted by Greta Barthelemy
A friend gave us a box of this cereal to try and my son LOVES it. We have just started a GFCF diet with him.
My son loves your cereal
Submitted by Rebecca Johnson
My son Ben who is 16 years old has Crohn's disease and is on a very strict diet of no sugar or wheat products. He has missed not being able to eat crunchy foods like cereal for almost three years. He loves your cereal, it is the best cereal he has ever eaten. He must eat 2-3 boxes a week. It is a great way for him to gain weight. Thank you. Rebecca Johnson
My whole family loves your products.
Submitted by Sandy Lockhart
my whole family loves your products. thanks for the best cereal. sandy
Submitted by niki
Best rice cereal out there! I eat it everyday.
No finer cereal on the market
Submitted by Kent Brown
I am 58 years old, I first ate Skinner's Raisen Bran when I was 6 or 7 years old, at my grandfather's house in Oklahoma. I am still a cereal eater, and there is no finer cereal on the market than your Skinner's Raisen Bran. Gradually, the availability of this product has dwindled to almost nil, and I've had to special order it at a King Soopers, where I used to buy it. Everyone still carries Uncle Sam Cereal, but Skinner's has disappeared. However, I will continue to order it until either you guys go under, or I do, whichever comes first. It is by far the best Raisin Bran I ever had, I've been eating it for fifty years, and have no plans of stopping. Just wanted to let you know, wonderful stuff, keep it up. Thanks, Kent Brown
Offering my family a healthy choice
Submitted by Dawn Herrema
I purchased your cereal in the 50%off aisle at my local grocery store. I have 4 kids (5th on the way). We go through a box of cereal a day and it can get very expensive over here, so I normally have to buy what is on sale. I am always so careful what I buy because I don't want to feed my family added chemicals, preservatives, etc. When I came across this on the sale shelf I was overjoyed that I could buy a healthy box of cereal for my family. Needless to say the box is already empty and it was one of the best tasting cereals I have had. the kids loved it! Thank you for offering my family a healthy choice:) Dawn Herrema
Our family enjoys your product
Submitted by Amanda Baldwin
I am writing to say how much our family enjoys your product. My young daughter has recently gone gluten free and we are adjusting our diets accordingly.
Our family's favorite cereal
Submitted by Imogene Thomas
This is our family's favorite cereal.
Perfect for me
Submitted by Frederick Stanwise
I found your cereal at the Navel Air Base Exchange in Ft. Worth. In a sea of cereals and breakfast foods yours was the ONLY all natural and "everything" free product, that was perfect for me. The taste is out of this world and now we are a three box a week family. Thank you for such a great product.
Really good
Submitted by Kristy Tomasello
Hi there, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank your company for its wonderful product. We are a new customer and recently tried your brown rice gluten free cereal. It was really good. My husband was recently put on a gluten free diet and we have been trying some different products. I know we will be buying this again. Thanks so much Kristy Tomasello
Sativa Verte
Submitted by Sativa Verte
Although I have no diet restrictions, I find this cereal to be absolutely delicious! Way better than normal corn flakes. It tastes pure and it's good for those who want something light to eat in the morning. I usually have my corn flakes with almond milk. My suggestion to Attune Foods would be to sell larger sized boxes. I go through two a month and I'm a single 128pd girl whom eats breakfast everyday. I think this would be an eco-friendly action to cut down on waste.
Still going strong
Submitted by Susan Munger
glad to see erewhon crispy brown rice is still going strong because, along with jeff flasher former president of erewhon in boston, i developed this cereal about 20 years ago. wow that sure says something for the life of a product!!! please continue your great efforts peace, susan
Tastes good but also fills you up
Submitted by Lesa Oldham
My daughter and I love your cereal! It tastes good but also fills you up and provides so many of your daily vitamins. I have recommended to many others, especially in my family.
Thank you for your products
Submitted by Kelley Moore
Hi! I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I love your products! They are the best on the market and we eat them all of the time! Thank you for making such a high quality product! Kelley Moore
Thank you!
Submitted by Amanda Kerr
I just wanted to thank your company for making this cereal. It is the only cereal my son can have. My son Sage has 21 food and airborne allergies. It's tough sometimes to find things for him to eat that other kids can have. Thank you for making the only cereal he can have that is delicious and better than the national brands. I am really grateful for your company!
Thanks for being kosher
Submitted by Lauren Hershkowitz
Hi-my family is jewish and we only eat kosher food. I just want to thank you for going to the trouble, time and expense to make your products available to my community. thank you mrs lauren hershkowitz
We absolutely love the purity
Submitted by David Title
We absolutely love the purity and taste of your cereals!
You did it
Submitted by Debbie Kinsora
This is the first time I've wanted to give feedback regarding a product I've purchased. I bought the new Strawberry Crisp gluten free cereal and absolutely Love it! I bought the last two boxes in the store. My daughter and I are both gluten intolerant and it's very difficult to find good tasting products. You did it with this cereal and it's even healthy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Please keep making it.
Your cereal is my #1 favorite
Submitted by Suzanne McElfresh
I love Uncle Sam cereal, the original kind and the mixed berries, and I love Uncle Sam oatmeal (the original, plain kind)! I started eating the cereal about 10 years ago, after noticing a box at my neighborhood health-food store, and started eating the oatmeal 3 or 4 years ago -- again, after seeing it on the health-food store shelf. I love the taste of all 3 products, plus the fiber content, the flax seeds - and that there's no added sugar! I applaud you for sweetening only with barley malt. I try to eat as little sugar as possible. Since sugar causes inflammation in the body and is not necessary as a nutrient, I save it for special occasions (artisan dark chocolate, organic-milk ice cream, homemade pies, that kind of thing). After limiting my sugar intake for the past 10 years, I really have come to dislike the taste of sugar (and the sugar-crash after-effects). It's nearly impossible to find cereal without sugar or evaporated cane juice, so your cereals are my No. 1 favorite.

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