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A great, healthy snack
Submitted by Constance from NC
Purchased these bars while browsing at the grocery store.  I was pleasantly surprised.  (I usually buy EAS bars).  These were very tasty, and more affordable.  I will continue to purchase these, they make a great, healthy snack!  
A healthy way to curb my sweet tooth
Submitted by Virginia from NC
I love your attune raspberry dark chocolate bar.  I love that they are a healthy way to curb my sweet tooth.  Thank you for your great quality products! 
A thrilled consumer
Submitted by Monique Rizzo
To whom it may concern, As a consumer, I feel I should let a company know when I am thrilled with a product not just when I have a complaint. Times are very hard right now. In my household, my husband is laid off and my hours have been cut. Money is very hard to come by and we are much more careful with it than we used to be. As a result, we eat lunch from home more often, and I have appreciated quality products more than ever. I had the opportunity to take your bars to lunch last week and I was thinking of how, consistantly they are delicious and fresh. I have never had a problem with them being below standards and it is worth it to me to pay to have the quality of Attune. Thank you very much for making a wonderful product that makes eating from home a little more enjoyable. A thrilled consumer, Monique Rizzo
A weight watcher loving attune bars
Submitted by Patience P.
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your attune bars. I bought the blueberry vanilla, so good. I am also on weight watchers and they are only 2 points…
Absolutely scrumptious and good for me too
Submitted by Cindi Rose
I love the Dark Chocolate bars from Attune. They are absolutely scrumptious and good for me too. Thanks for making a delicious and nutritious food.
Submitted by Ann from MD
I happened upon Munch in the organic section of Safeway and I am addicted.  I love the chocolate.  It is a treat to mix with Greek yogurt. 
attune fan
Submitted by Geraldine Hilden
attune fan
Submitted by Brittany from CA
I just wanted to let you know how great your mint chocolate bars are!!! 
Better than many a candy bar
Submitted by Marta from FL
Found the Attune chocolate bar at BJ's as I was looking at yogurt. It is delicious - and better than many a candy bar I've had recently. 
Converted everyone in the office
Submitted by Karen Hunt
OMG! Whoever said "good for you food has to taste bad" has never tried your Attune chocolate bars. I bought them as attempt to do something good for myself, and WOW! It was absolutely delicious. I have now converted everyone in my office because they kept trying to steal mine. Great product! Karen Hunt
Delicious bars
Submitted by Ria Clark
I bought a few of your bars at Whole Foods and figured they would taste terrible just like all the other products that are supposed to be helpful. I was delighted when they were all delicious, you want to eat more than one but are afraid of the consequences...which leads me to my question. Is it one a day that you should be eating?
Delicious bars
Submitted by Felicia from KY
Thanks for making these delicious bars! 
Delicious everyday treat
Submitted by Karen from NV
I discovered Attune when a friend gave me one to try after she found out I was diagnosed with a digestive issue. I have been eating Attune daily since then and have found relief from my symptoms. I actually look forward to my delicious treat everyday now. So much yummier than a pill.
Delicous chocolate my whole family enjoys
Submitted by Mandy Potter
Thanks for making delicious chocolate my whole family can enjoy!
Dessert for breakfast
Submitted by Katherine
Well, this cereal is just decadent!  It is like eating dessert for breakfast.  I have decided to have a bowl as my bedtime snack instead of in the morning.
Eat one a day!
Submitted by Andrea Vincent
Hello! I am a die hard Attune addict. Love them! Eat one a day! Could probably eat an entire box in 1 sitting – but I try to control the urge. I am an avid runner, triathlete, mother, yogi, running coach, and high intensity bootcamp instructor.
Elizabeth Mariano
Submitted by Elizabeth Mariano
Thank you SO MUCH for this product! My toddler hates milk, and I have struggled to get calcium into his diet. Finally, I stumbled upon these Attune bars and was happy to see that they have 25% of the RDA for calcium!!! Excited, I brought them home to my 3-year old hoping he'd love them, and HE DID!!! Thank you!! I have finally found a way to get calcium into his diet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Submitted by Marne R.
I happened to be in NYC for Earth Day last week and received a sample of your yogurt bar in the goodie bag. It was fabulous!…
Fan of mint chocolate bars
Submitted by Deborah Haon
I have become addicted to your probiotic mint chocolate bars and would like to try some of your other products.
Fresh and great tasting
Submitted by Pat York
Hi! I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for producing Attune Bars. I can count on them being fresh and great tasting. I'm so glad you offer healthy foods!
Great and good for you
Submitted by Mai S.
Hello. I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to tell you all that I love your product. I am especially addicted to the blueberry bar - it's just the right amount for a quick snack with tons of blueberry taste. It's great - and it's good for you!…Many thanks for a great product…
Great product
Submitted by Amanda from OH
Great Product!  My son loves these bars!  
Great products!
Submitted by Kathleen
…Thanks for making great products! I am now hooked and have already told many patients and co-workers about your company. Best of luck!
Great results
Submitted by Francis from MA
I've had regularity problems for as long as I can remember, but now as long as I am consistent with eating your Attune bars I have great results. Thank you again for all you have done for me.
Great tasting way to eat for a healthier you.
Submitted by Dr. Samara Freeman PhD in Gastrointestinal Physiology & Mucosal Inflammation from the University of Calgary School of Medicine, Calgary CANADA, University of California Davis, Food Science & Technology Researcher
My PhD and career have focused on studying and understanding how the gut works and responds to nutrients as it relates to health and disease. I have a great appreciation for the work the gut has to perform on a day to day basis and how digestive health can provide the foundation for overall health. I believe that consuming the right types of probiotics, such as those chosen on their scientific merit for Attune bars, will assist our bodies in maintaining improved digestion and immune health. Food should provide added health benefits beyond that of basic nutrition, and Attune probiotic bars are an easy and, more importantly, a great tasting way to eat for a healthier you.
Helped my digestion
Submitted by Jennifer from CT
I just wanted to let you know how great your product is.  I have purchased Attune bars before, here and there.  Recently I purchsed a pack of 14 bars at the store and started eating them every day.  In only 2 days it started to help my digestion.  I have had trouble for years and tried many things, and these bars work better than anything. AND they are delicious, such a bonus.  I love the choc crisp flavor and the blueberry, and can't wait to try the other flavors I saw on your site today.  
I am in love
Submitted by Lisa Amore
Hello Attune bars! I would just like to share with you how in love I am with your product. As a college student, I am often times swamped with unhealthy foods. I love love love desserts. They are my absolute weakness. Every day I would try and avoid the treats in the cafeteria, as I did not want to gain any weight. I simply denied myself. That is until I discovered ATTUNE chocolate bars. I am in love. Its so wonderful to know that there is a decadent and healthy treat that not only keeps me in my skinny jeans and is great on the go for college students like myself, but they are extremely good for my body!
I am so excited about your bars
Submitted by Jan
I am so excited about your bars.   I now have a daughter that will take probiotics!!
I approve
Submitted by Rebecca
Thank you for the care you give to your customers. I received the bars today, so far I've tried the chocolate bar. I approve!…I'm going to start buying these for in-between class snacks…
I can't believe the difference!
Submitted by Lisa from MA
I just want tell you how much I appreciate this product.  I have IBS and have suffered for a long time.  I was even at the doctor's recently and she could offer me nothing but laxatives and fiber.  Even that didn't work most of the time.  I saw this product at B.J.'s and thought I might as well try it.  I can't believe the difference!  I am not taking any other supplements and my stomach is acting perfectly.  I want to make sure I can continue to buy this product so I'm telling my grocery store to please stock it.  thank you so much. 
I cannot live comfortably without them
Submitted by Kerry Clancy-Asher
I just want you to know that these little bars are not only addictive but habit forming. I like yogurt, but not everyday, these bars I look forward to eating. I almost peek into my fridge hoping it is time for my attune bar. I also cannot live comfortably without these. I went about a week or more thinking gosh, my stomach is a mess and then it clicked, I have forgotten to buy the bars within that day, I was back on track and feeling a million times better than I was prior. My only issue is it is hard to get your products, please please try to get them in other places so I do not have to go so far to get these life savers....
I feel great
Submitted by Katie
Just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed trying your probiotic bars. I received two boxes several weeks ago through a blog giveaway and just finished them up. LOVED them! The milk chocolate almond bar was far and away my favorite (I also sampled the dark chocolate raspberry). It tasted just like a Hershey bar but I knew it was (far) better for me. I feel great and definitely noticed a difference at the end of two weeks.
I just love your bars
Submitted by Joann from ID
I have to say that I just love your bars and so does my picky 2 year old son! Thank you so much for such a great product! 
I love them
Submitted by Tara
…I recently tried your probiotic bars and I love them…
I love your bars
Submitted by Michelle Harrison
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your bars. They have such a wonderful flavor and make a great snack.
I love your bars
Submitted by Diana from TX
I love your bars. A great treat and so good for you. 
I loved it!!!
Submitted by Nora V.
I tried attune bars on 7/18/2010 I did a half marathon and I was part of Team Challenge Crohn's & Colitis Foudantion of America. After the race Team Challenge were giving freebies and Attune was one of them, I wasn't sure that I was going to like the bar, cause I knew it was the healthy kind! I was SOOO WRONG! I LOVED IT!!!! It is so good that I would TOTALLY recommend it to my friends and co-workers! Thank God I have a store near me that sells attune bars!! so happy :)
I take Attune Bars with me on the road
I first got introduced to Attune Bars a couple years ago and was instantly intrigued with the idea of chocolate mixed in with probiotics. Since I have had my first bar I've loved the taste but have since come to love the benefits of the probiotics as well. I have had some stomach issues in the past and after being provided with the opportunity to have Attune Bars on a daily basis I have noticed a big difference which has allowed my stomach to settle. I take Attune bars with me on the road, I don't leave home without them.

- Daniel Nava of the Boston Red Sox
I take Attune Bars with me on the road
I first got introduced to Attune Bars a couple years ago and was instantly intrigued with the idea of chocolate mixed in with probiotics. Since I have had my first bar I've loved the taste but have since come to love the benefits of the probiotics as well. I have had some stomach issues in the past and after being provided with the opportunity to have Attune Bars on a daily basis I have noticed a big difference which has allowed my stomach to settle. I take Attune bars with me on the road, I don't leave home without them.

- Daniel Nava of the Boston Red Sox
I take Attune Bars with me on the road

I first got introduced to Attune Bars a couple years ago and was instantly intrigued with the idea of chocolate mixed in with probiotics. Since I have had my first bar I've loved the taste but have since come to love the benefits of the probiotics as well. I have had some stomach issues in the past and after being provided with the opportunity to have Attune Bars on a daily basis I have noticed a big difference which has allowed my stomach to settle. I take Attune bars with me on the road, I don't leave home without them.

- Daniel Nava of the Boston Red Sox


It satisfies my craving for chocolate
Submitted by Basha Schlazer
I enjoy Attune because it satisfies my craving for chocolate and also helps my digestive system.
Submitted by Katie
Saw these in the store and I have been looking for something to help get regulated. I do not like yogurt and i already take enough pills in a day. I only just started them but wow it tastes so good I will not complain about this!
Keep up the good work
Submitted by T Vining
I really love the chocolate bars, a great way to inspire the inner parts to health. I am afraid I would go too far with the granola but I contemplate it every time I see it. Keep up the good work, and thank you!
Love the bars
Submitted by Nancy from NY
I tried the attune choc. crisp bar from my local BJ's.  I just love it and have shared it with friends. 
Love traveling with attune
Submitted by Matt from AZ
My work has me on airplanes at least twice a week. I love traveling with Attune bars to keep my digestive system in check as I cross several different time zones each week, not to mention several snifflers and sneezers on the plane. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate.
Love your bars
Submitted by Cynthia Layton
love your bars keep up the good work
Submitted by Michelle
Honestly, these bars taste like a mix of an Andes candy with a Thin Mint cookie. So delicious. Every time I open one up, I have to put it out of reach so I don't scarf it down in two bites. And they are only 90 calories! It makes for a great snack or dessert. Also, it didn't take many bars until I noticed the probiotic effects. I'll definitely be stocking up on these!
Munch Mania
Submitted by Heidi
I purchased the Maple Nut with Yogurt Chips Granola Munch and it is excellent!  My teenage daughter also loves it.  We can't wait to try the other flavors.
My family loves attune foods
Submitted by Lisa Finley
I just wanted to take a moment of my time to write to you today and tell you how much my family loves Attune foods. They especially love all of the variety of flavors. Thank you so much for making such a great product. My family and I look forward to many years of enjoyment. Thank you for your time. Lisa Finley
Note from a busy mom
Submitted by Emilia from FL
As a busy mom it is important that I stay balanced. Between chasing my kids around and making sure the dog has food, I rely on my Peanut Butter & Chocolate Attune bar to keep me healthy.
Note from a nutritionist
Submitted by Tanya from CA
I am a nutritionist and LOVE your chocolate bars! This is 1 of the products on the market that I've been able to experience benefits from and I recom. these to all of my clients. Your product is unique in that it isn't loaded with sugar like other products in this category, which defeats the purpose of re-populating the gut.
Pleasantly surprised by the taste
Submitted by Erin Whaling
After seeing Attune products on many if the blogs I read, I decided to give your products myself. I was pleasantly surprised at how great your bars taste. I have started to give them to my children for their morning snack. Thanks, Erin
Submitted by Elizabeth Earls
Hi, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease as a teenager and my doctors strongly emphasized probiotic foods and supplements. When I first found Attune bars it was revolutionary! Finally I didn't have to take giant pills or hide chalky powder in something. I really loved the yogurt and granola bars. I took them to work, classes and whenever I traveled. Was I the only person that depended on them?? The mango peach was my favorite.
So happy to have found you
Submitted by Colleen Whitney
I was recently notified that Attune was following my blog on Twitter, and I was eager to do my research on your company. I must say, I think I fell in love. I am so interested in Attune because I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I have been taking a probiotic, but it is such a nuisance because it must be refrigerated, therefore I don't take it regularly. I think your company sounds like a great one! I'm so happy to have found you!
They are incredible
Submitted by Nancy
I was the lucky winner of the chocolate bars in the Be Free for Me giveaway. I chose the dark chocolate and I have to tell you that they are incredible. I can't believe they are so good for me!
They do the trick
Submitted by Laura from NY
Since I have been using the Attune bars, I have been regular. If I miss one day taking the Attune, I have problems. As long as I take them everyday I do fine. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful bars. They not only taste good but they do the trick.
They taste really great
Submitted by Hannah
I just returned from an event called Get Your Guts in Gear, where Attune donated bars for the entire 3-day, 210-mile bike ride. I really just wanted to say thanks so much for donating the bars – I had never even heard of them before. They taste really great and I'm so glad to know about them…
Totally worth it
Submitted by Ann Hamilton
I love, love, love your dark chocolate Attune bars -- but other varieties as well. They're pricey, but totally worth it IMO.
What a great product
Submitted by Jackie from FL
Wow, what a great product. I have been pushing probiotics due to microscopic colitis, for the past 2 years. Thanks for doing such a great job. Bought at sweetbays on main St., Dunedin, Fl 34698. THEY WERE ABOUT SOLD OUT!! 
Submitted by Li-Han
I recently discovered your granola bars at whole foods. Did you guys put something in the bars that makes them so addicting?? I mean (excuse my language) but they taste xx@*! amazing!!! that lemon creme bar is off da hook!! wonderful!!… thank you for making awesome food.
Works with the GI system
Submitted by Dani
Combining chocolate and probiotics! What an awesome concept!… I'm a doctor of naturopathy in Colorado and will be recommending these to all my clients, especially the females who fear I'll take chocolate totally away from them-- I'm a chocoholic and provide my clients with other cocoa based alternatives, but these are wonderful and will work WITH their GI system as opposed to against it. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Your #1 Fans
Submitted by Allison in NC
I cannot begin to describe the world of difference your product has made. For many, many years, I have struggled with constipation.  Last year was so bad, I had a colonoscopy because I had been bleeding so much (daily). The prescription?  "Eat more fiber and don't push too hard.".  Desperate for another option , I decided to try Attune. It has been 2 months and both my daughter and I are here to tell you we are your #1 Fans.  All is back to normal. No more bleeding!!! No more dreading the use of the bathroom I told my Doctor to start prescribing Attune to all his patients. You are my miracle drug.  Thank you!
Your bars have helped me feel so much better!
Submitted by Jann Loderhose
My doctor has suggested many things to help me deal with intestinal issues. I saw your bars at BJ's wholesale club and thought that I would try them. I am also gluten intolerant, so having something like this is wonderful. I know that these bars have helped me to feel so much better! I didn't change anything else in my diet, except to add these bars. My intestinal issues have cleared up to a great degree.
Your chocolate bars have changed my life
Submitted by Christina A.
Your chocolate bars have changed my life. For years I have been suffering from several digestive issues. I was in and out of doctors offices trying to figure out the problem. I dropped 25lbs because of these issues. It wasn't until I found your probiotic chocolate bars that I was able to live a normal life, consume everyday foods, and eliminate my doctor office visits.
Your probiotic bars are fantastic
Submitted by Jamie from OH
Your probiotic bars are fantastic. What a great new way to include probiotics in your diet. Thank you for a great product. 
Yummy and satisfying
Submitted by Matt K
I wasn't expecting to like the Granola Munch very much since Apple Cinnamon isn't a flavor that really appeals to me like Strawberry does. Boy, was I surprised to find that I like it a lot! It's yummy and satisfying in the same way the Granola Bars are. I like that it is versatile enough to eat alone or with milk/yogurt.

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At Attune Foods, we believe what matters most is what's inside. We make our foods from simple ingredients, simply made like Uncle Sam cereal, Erewhon organic cereals and grahams or our attune probiotic chocolate bars. Attune Foods commits to bringing you food that helps you feel good and that you can feel good about eating with your family.