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Uncle Sam Cereal Recommended in The Gold Coast Cure

March 11, 2005

The Gold Coast Cure, by Andrew Larson, M.D. and Ivy Ingram Larson recommends Uncle Sam Cereal as a high fiber cereal in their 5-Week Health and Body Makeover. The Gold Coast Cure, published by Health Communications, Inc., was released in May, 2005. The book guides people in making more healthful food choices, especially in selecting the right carbohydrates like high fiber whole grains instead of refined flours. In The Gold Coast Cure, the authors recommend Uncle Sam Cereal, Uncle Sam Cereal with Mixed Berries or Uncle Sam Instant Oatmeal as healthy, high fiber cereals.

Introduced in 1908, Uncle Sam Cereal is one of the country’s oldest ready-to-eat cereals. It has been recommended for nearly a century by physicians, dietitians, nutritionists, fitness experts and other healthcare professionals, as well as from friend to friend. Uncle Sam Cereal is a crispy blend of whole grain wheat flakes and flaxseed. It is high in fiber (10g per 55g serving), low in sodium, and has no added sugar.

Uncle Sam Cereal is also approved as Low Glycemic by The Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, D.C. The coveted Seal of Approval from the Institute designates that a food does not overly stimulate blood glucose and insulin and does not stimulate fat-storing enzymes. Dieters and athletes try to avoid high glycemic foods since they stimulate insulin and fat-storage. Uncle Sam Cereal is available nationally in most major supermarkets and natural food stores.

Andrew Larson, M.D., is a certified general surgeon with special interests in surgical nutrition, advanced laparoscopic surgery and bariatric surgery. Dr. Larson is in private surgical practice. Ivy Larson is a certified American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Instructor. The two live on the Gold Coast of Florida with their son.

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