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Uncle Sam Cereal Plays Major Role in Weight Loss

January 29, 2002

Uncle Sam cereal plays major role in weight loss
One of the Country’s Oldest Cereals Finds New Popularity with Fitness and Weight Loss Experts

Uncle Sam Cereal is about to mark its 94th year in business. And today, this crunchy, crispy, all-natural cereal that has been around since 1908, holds new and very special appeal for men and women trying to lose weight.

According to Barbara Lohse Knous, PhD and Associate Professor in the Department of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University, “Uncle Sam cereal is nutrient dense. This means that you get a lot of nutrition for each calorie consumed. Weight loss plans can benefit by including Uncle Sam at breakfast or any time of the day, because it packs a variety of nutrients for only a few calories.”

Additionally, dietitians and researchers have called attention to one of the principal ingredients in Uncle Sam; flaxseed. “Flaxseed is the best source of lignans and an excellent source of the terrestrial omega-3 fatty acid, which has important and positive effects on three major diseases afflicting millions of Americans; cancer, cardiovascular disease, and inflammatory diseases like arthritis,” continued Dr. Knous.

Today, this cereal is being embraced by fitness and weight loss experts who are recommending it in diet regimes.

Jorge Cruise, recognized as the #1 on-line fitness trainer by Yahoo!, discovered Uncle Sam while developing his weight loss program,’8 Minutes in the Morning.’ Cruise has coached more than 3 million people through his web site,, and maintains that he personally starts each morning with Uncle Sam Cereal. “I’ve been eating it for years because of its whole grains and flaxseeds. And when you’re on a diet, its very important to feel satiated after a meal, so you’re not craving snacks an hour or two later. The omega-3 fatty acids and whole grains in Uncle Sam are both filling, and work to suppress your appetite,” he asserts.

Jorge Cruise has been featured on Oprah, Lifetime TV, CBS and ABC, as well as in People Magazine. He is a nominee for Fitness Instructor of the Year by IDEA, the national association of fitness professionals. He is certified as a fitness instructor by the Cooper Institute, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.

Uncle Sam Cereal is a product of Massachusetts based U.S. Mills, Inc., and according to company President, Chuck Verde, “Over the years, we’ve gotten thousands of letters from people who discovered Uncle Sam in their supermarket, or had a friend suggest they try it for any number of reasons. We’ve also consistently heard that dietitians have recommended it to patients to manage a variety of conditions. Today, this surge of interest in Uncle Sam and the value it can play in weight loss certainly confirms what we’ve always believed ---- that Uncle Sam, since 1908, has been a cereal ahead of its time,” he continued.

The cereal’s beginnings are quite unique. The story has it that the mixture of flaxseed and whole wheat was discovered in 1908 by a gentleman named Lafayette Coltrin who was advised by his doctor to take flaxseed to soothe his ulcer. After sprinkling flaxseed over the wheat flakes he ate for breakfast, Coltrin discovered the combination not only cured him, but tasted good too. According to the story, Mr. Coltrin wanted to name the cereal after himself, and because he looked so much like our country’s fictional figurehead, he named the cereal Uncle Sam. His profile is still featured on the distinctive red, white and blue box.

Uncle Sam contains several important dietary ingredients. Consumers are assured of getting the important fiber they need without excess calories or sodium. A one cup serving contains 10 grams of dietary fiber, only 190 calories and one sixth the sodium of the leading wheat flake cereal. The nutritional benefits of fiber are widely known, including reducing the risk of adult onset diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer. And, because the wheat kernels are steam-cooked, rolled flat and toasted to a crackly crunch, the cereal stays crunchy longer in milk. The natural rolled-berry method also preserves both nutritional value and taste.

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