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      Fueled for CrossFit, Running & New Adventures

Fueled for CrossFit, Running & New Adventures

Fitness = Health

My husband and I spent our first two years together running marathons with Team in Training and raising money for cancer research. We saw many families torn apart by cancer. I was scared that cancer can and likely would take someone close to me eventually.

At that time, a typical meal used to be a bag of dry pasta cooked with canned sauce, and pre-mixed salad bags with ranch dressing. By most standards, that would've been considered pretty healthy. Although, we did drink soda daily and ate fast food often.

Then we learned about how nutrient deficient our diet was. That we could have full bellies but still be very malnourished. We were shocked. We thought we were pretty healthy; but in reality, we were only surviving. Our food was never fresh and, therefore, the nutrient value was very low. Even standard grocery store produce has often lost over half of its nutritional value (at the time it was harvested) by the time it ends up on your plate (a week later).

We don't want to just survive. We want to thrive. I know that is cliche; but honestly if we were fighting a chronic disease later in life, could we beat it if our bodies had been malnourished for 20 or 30 years? Every time we eat, it's a chance to upgrade our health and improve our life. We want to live long, energetic lives and be there for our loved ones. God forbid we do need to fight off illness or disease, we know our bodies are strong and prepared to fight.

I am passionate about being FitClean because … I truly believe the health and wellness of loved ones will continue to decline if we don't reverse our relationship with food, or "food-like" products. I don't think the idea of FitClean should be an optional lifestyle reserved for health fanatics. I want everyone to wake up feeling great, loving how they look, and capable of enjoying activities they chose to do. I believe it starts with food.

My goals are to get my body working as naturally as possible and to the best of its potential, both inside and out. I don't believe it is possible to achieve the highest level of health by eating unnatural foods or tricking my body with substances it wasn't designed to process.

I define clean eating as eating as close to nature as possible. Whole foods, no GMOs, minimally processed and no added ingredients I can't pronounce that were created in a lab.

Since I started eating clean, I notice that … my husband and I rarely get sick. We have sustained energy throughout the day. Also, better sleep which leads to better recovery. Better recovery leads to better performance. I run faster and lift heavier.

Also, body composition really changed. They say abs are made in the kitchen. I'd been running marathons for three years but always had jiggle around my waistline. Within two months of eating better, my midsection was tight and my abs were getting compliments.

Tips for eating clean more often
Start by slowing adding two or three good things do your diet each week. For example, buy more vegetables and make it a priority to eat those first. Don't let them spoil. Eventually, you'll have added so many good things that you aren't finding room for the bad foods.

You'll have more success by focusing on adding good and letting it slowly weed out the bad. If you think of it in terms of cutting things from your diet, you're likely to fixate on what you CAN'T have and it becomes much harder to sustain change long term.

What's great about FitClean is that it doesn't have to be complicated. Eating natural, whole foods can be quite simple!

2 #FitClean Eating Tips:
1. Put a handful of raspberries and blackberries in a bowl with plain yogurt and some Buckwheat & Hemp cereal for crunch. Basic and refreshing.

2. Mix one can of tuna with one avocado and lightly salt. Eat with a fork, or grab some celery or carrots to "dip."

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About Tiffany:
Her team nicknamed her "Hutch" and after her first marathon, and it became the name by which she had the power to do amazing things. She left her day job to make a life doing what she loves. Included in that is running, coaching CrossFit, living simply and laughing regularly.

Tiffany in 10 words: Runner. CrossFitter. Coach. Adventurer. Bike rider. Wife. Race relayer. Blogger.

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