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Erewhon Corn Flakes Cereal


We take plump kernels of US grown, organic non-GMO, gluten free corn and oven-toast them with a hint of sea salt to enhance the subtle sweetness of the corn. A healthy, gluten free breakfast cereal that's simply delicious!

Enjoy this delicious gluten free cereal by the bowl, sprinkled over yogurt or in your favorite treat recipe.


Organic milled corn, Sea salt.
  • Certified Gluten Free
    Certified Gluten Free
  • USDA Organic
    USDA Organic
  • Non GMO
    Non GMO
  • Kosher
"This cereal is tasty. I was just put on a gluten free diet and was happy to find it at Whole Foods. Does anyone know the glycemic index for Organic Milled Corn?"
- chris
"Although I have no diet restrictions, I find this cereal to be absolutely delicious! Way better than normal corn flakes. It tastes pure and it's good for those who want something light to eat in the morning. I usually have my corn flakes with almond milk. My suggestion to Attune Foods would be to sell larger sized boxes. I go through two a month and I'm a single 128pd girl whom eats breakfast everyday. I think this would be an eco-friendly action to cut down on waste."
- Sativa Verte
Baked Italian Pork Chops
Submitted By Brian Gansmann
Spinach Quiche with Corn Flake Crust
Submitted By Hidemi Walsh
Crispy Cornflake Cakes
Submitted By Sylvia Winchell
Hash Brown Casserole
Submitted By Kevin Little
Crunchy Smokey Pork Chops
Submitted By Lillian
Hot Chicken Salad
Submitted By Shauna
Gluten-Free Cheesecake with Strawberry Syrup
Submitted By Anne-Marie Nichols for attune foods
Cereal Granola Crunch
Submitted By Marla Meridith for attune foods
Chick-quin Patties
Submitted By Kristina Sloggett for attune foods
Corn Flake Crusted Fish Sticks
Submitted By Alison St. Sure for attune foods
Corn Flake Crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Submitted By Marla Meridith for attune foods
Corn Flake Encrusted Chicken Fingers
Submitted By Anne Mauney for attune foods
Cornbread Waffles with Corn Flake Chicken
Submitted By Sarena Shasteen of Non-Dairy Queen
Crispy Cereal Mango Parfaits
Submitted By Marla Meridith for attune foods
Fig Walnut Tart with Three-Ingredient No-Bake Crust
Submitted By Amy Green for attune foods
Healthy Butternut Apple Bake
Submitted By Alisa Fleming for attune foods
Sweet Potato Casserole with Crispy Corn Flake Topping
Submitted By Marla Meridith for attune foods
Sweet Potato-Lentil Pot Pie with a Corn Biscuit Crumble Topping
Submitted By Ricki Heller for attune foods
Oil-Free Tex-Mex Black Bean Burgers
Submitted By Ricki for Attune Foods
Six-Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Truffles
Submitted By Amy Green for Attune Foods
Sesame-Orange Crispy Cauliflower
Submitted By Kristina Sloggett for Attune Foods
Fresh Gingered Anjou Pear Cobbler
Submitted By Kristina Sloggett for Attune Foods
Creamy Broccoli Salad with Garlic Crunch Topping
Submitted By Ricki for Attune Foods
Made in a peanut-free, tree nut-free, dairy-free facility.

Erewhon Corn Flakes Recommended in Gluten-Free Diet by Shelley Case, RD
Gluten-Free Diet - A Comprehensive Resource Guide by Shelly Case, a registered dietitian, is a book to assist those who eat a gluten free diet. In addition to providing information about celiac disease, the book also has a list of gluten-free foods. Erewhon Corn Flakes are recommended as a gluten-free cereal.

For more information about the Gluten- Free Diet by Shelley Case, please visit her website
Erewhon Corn Flakes is Kid Kritics Approved
Kid Kritics taste tested Erewhon Corn Flakes and gave it their seal of approval. All products, before being tasted "are critically evaluated for quality and nutrient content" as explained on the Kid Kritics website. It continues to explain that, "only the ones receiving a strong majority of high marks received the Kid Kritics Approved seal."

For more information about Kid Kritics, visit their website

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At Attune Foods, we believe what matters most is what's inside. We make our foods from simple ingredients, simply made like Uncle Sam cereal, Erewhon organic cereals and grahams or our attune probiotic chocolate bars. Attune Foods commits to bringing you food that helps you feel good and that you can feel good about eating with your family.